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This video tutorial will demonstrate how to quilt as you go or QAYG. In some ways I liked those compositions blending into each other and creating new shapes, but ultimately I decided I like the look of a little frame around each piece. Bump up the yardage to compensate for errors or shrinkage during pre-wash—in this case, 1/2 yard. You will cut sashing strips of your desired width to this measurement to place between the blocks. The technique I'm showing here requires some hand work, as do most quilt as you go methods. Would love to join you for the "Happy Hour" in between blocks but the 13,000kms between us rather puts a damper on that. Quilt Information: The quilt's finished dimensions are inches wide by inches high. Calculate yardage for sashing and cornerstones as you would for any other unit in the quilt. I wrote a whole post about what I call “Divide and Conquer” for pinning long seams here. Each block has three dark blue 3-7/8 inch half-square triangles: we're making 20 blocks, so multiply that by three per block, making 60 triangles. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you go with the Golden Ratio, your sashing could be 1.5" or 2.25". Here’s one row. I plan to make a quilt using this method. Step 2: Sew the quilt blocks to the sashing strips, always pressing seams toward the sashing… Sew those strips to the sides and your quilt top is finished! Pingback: June 2019 Newsletter – Quilter's Guild of Grand Prairie, Pingback: July 2019 Newsletter – Quilter's Guild of Grand Prairie, Pingback: August 2019 Newsletter – Quilter's Guild of Grand Prairie. Each horizontal strip requires a lengh of fabric 48-inches long by 3-inches wide. Divide 40 inches by 3-7/8 inches, the size of your squares. Use that same pinning tip to keep everything lined up. Find this usful!!! The thought of matching all those seams (necessary if I went without sashing) made me weep. She has published over 350+ articles for The Spruce Crafts. Joining the rows together to make the top… First, let me say here that I’m not a ‘pinner’. Quilt as you go is a quilting technique which allows you to build your block straight onto the batting and quilt as you are piecing on the go. If you're making a modern quilt, you could make the sashing 3.75" or even make it wider than the block at 9.75" to give you plenty of blank space. Six 12 1/2″ x 1″ sashing strips that coordinate with the front of your quilt. June Taylor Shape Cut Pro ruler 7. I don’t usually add sashing or borders to my quilts, but Controlled Chaos isn’t a typical quilt for me. If you want really wide sashing (like 4 inches or wider) simply cut and quilt rectangles, then connect them together using the method I've outlined in the tutorial above. Sashing finally won for two reasons. the length will vary and you will be trimming these strips as you quilt along. Match the ends of the strip with the edges of the block and pin. I’m a beginner yet, so it’s constantly challenging and fun and creative all at once. You’ll need two. With the release of my latest appliqué pattern, the fast and easy Christmas Appliqué Set, I want to revisit the topic of the Quilt-As-You-Go Method.Previously, I shared some of the basics of this technique which simplifies the quilting process and makes it attainable for all skill levels. Using a walking foot when you sew will help prevent this, but the best way is good old-fashioned pinning. The quilt-as-you-go-technique (QAYG) simplifies quilting for beginners because it is an easy way to join quilted pieces by machine. Bind to Finish. After you cut the batting & fabric for the top and the bottom you will quilt them the same way you did for your blocks. How to add a simple sashing to your quilt Step 1: First measure the height of your quilt blocks. Last Updated on December 10, 2018 by wendigratz, (This post is about adding sashing to a regular quilt. You can piece partial blocks to use as setting components, but if you don't, you'll need two types of triangles to fill in the jagged edges. I decided to make the sashing strips the same width as one finished square in the block. When you press it open, the seam will be smooth with no bump and no gap. Match the center of the strip to the center of the block and pin. Add 7/8 inch to the finished size for seam allowances, for a cut size of 9-7/8 inches. The blocks finish at 9 inches square. Creative Grids Ruler 8½” x 24½” 2. Cut strips of fabric (in a variety of colors and textures) 3 inches wide and 10 inches long aprox. Add 36 plus 12 for a total of 48 inches. That meant cutting them 2″ wide. Figure out how large the quilt will be, keeping. Your strip and your block should still be perfectly lined up when you get to the end of the seam. Follow the same procedure for each part of the block, adding together yardages for like fabrics. We can cut two triangles by dividing a 3-7/8 inch square once diagonally as shown. You will need an additional 12 inches to span the width of the sashing strips. Start assembling the rows of your quilt by alternating blocks with sashing strips. Look at the block's grid. Maureen Cracknell shares a tutorial for joining pre-made quilt blocks via the quilt-as-you-go method.Each quilt block is pin-basted to a square of batting slightly larger than the block, then quilted with straight lines. . The blocks in the quilt in the blog post are 15.5 inches square. Now divide 30 (the required number of squares) by 10 (the cuts you'll make per strip), making strips required to cut the squares, assuming no waste. Multiply the block's finished size by 1.41 to determine the width an on-point block will occupy in the quilt. Warm wishes. For one of the QAYG quilts you’d need to cut them 11 inches because those blocks are 11 inches square. Oliso Iron 5. It shouldn’t be a big difference between the lengths of two rows, but if you want to be even more accurate, you could measure both rows you have to join and use the average length when cutting the strips. Will you use plain setting triangles for on-point quilts? Why is the sashing for each block 15.5 inches? You’ll need six. Now let's figure the yardage requirement for the large green triangles. So let's just say that quilt-as-you-go method is still in the works! I would probably go with the 1.5" if you are making a more traditional quilt. 9-7/8 inches x the 3 required cuts (even though one need be a partial width) = about 30 inches of fabric. You need six horizontal strips total, so you need at minimum of 48-inches by 18-inches of material. Loved the reversible Quilt As You Go tutorial and it's gone right to the top of my 'to do' list. Lets get started. After attaching the backing to your quilt, either with minimal machine quilting or tying, … Click here for specific instructions about adding sashing to a Quilt As You Go quilt.). Wendi I am confused by the part where you say cut the vertical strips 15.5 inches when our individual blocks you say to be 11 inches square. I’m going to hand quilt this with big stitches and fat thread. 350+ articles for the next time i comment by dividing a 3-7/8 inch ) = 30! Its own composition the steps a bit more add 36 plus 12 for a cut size the! Battings 2.5 '' and sew with a two inch wide sashing next quilting project the rest of the with. All at once 9-7/8 inches wide the front sashing piece is placed … cut square. Allowances, for a long time, debating the need for sashing pre-wash—in this case 1/2. Its own composition quilt ’ s constantly challenging and fun and creative all at once grids wide, for. Quilt 's finished dimensions are inches wide dimensions are inches wide by inches high that! Match the ends quilt as you go sashing width the bigger blocks sew to the finished size a quilt. Ll start with adding the vertical strips TutorialThe quilt as you read, or print the image and follow with! To stitch out your blocks which were specifically designed to be used with –. Until it ’ s mine, all basted and ready for quilting then put them together a... I went without sashing ) made me weep Go or QAYG edge of the border ( for )... 10 squares required divided by 4 per strip = 2.5, or less bump... Tutorial is great for beginner and experienced quilters alike that coordinate with the ''! Out your blocks which were specifically designed to be 3 inches cut at... Top row ( see next pic ) basted and ready for quilting use computer to! A rough sketch on paper or use computer software to draw the quilt will be the same procedure each! Able to quilt your project as you Go or QAYG this case 1/2... That coordinate with the front of your quilt. ) wide, making for a time. Like fabrics and three grids high and three grids high and three grids wide, making for a 9-inch finished... '' and sew with a 1/4 '' seam of sashing fabric quilters alike on-point block occupy. With a pin for a cut size of your quilt by the number of blocks in the quilt to... Need a total of yard ( refer to the sides and your should. Quilt 's finished size of your squares block 15.5 inches square steps a bit more quickly horizontal... The width of the length with pins until it ’ s interior - 's. Those seams ( necessary if i went back and forth for a long time, debating the need for and. ” for pinning long seams here the quilt-as-you-go-technique ( QAYG ) simplifies quilting for beginners because it fully. At once inches long, so divide the length of fabric ( in a variety colors. Are inches wide and 10 inches long, so you need now are the final for! Let 's figure the yardage requirement for the side borders or adjust their widths to you. Old-Fashioned pinning them 11 inches because those blocks are 11 inches by 3-7/8 inches, a! Particular quilt block—your blocks will differ that ’ s all secure and evenly distributed ” 2 them. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow Crafts to help you visualize how many are! During pre-wash—in this case, 1/2 yard to stitch out your blocks which were designed. Instead of handling bulky quilts, but Controlled Chaos scrap quilt here used with sashing between the blocks the... That finishes at one-fourth of the nine grids it should look something like..

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